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When Fitfluence first launched our Founder - Lucy - Events and Account Manager - Jo - and Editor - Nik - knew very few people in the fitness industry. By hosting the Fitfluence events and meeting women in person Lucy, Jo and Nik were able to create and grow an incredible community of women who are keen to live healthier and fuller lives. In hosting the events and through the ever growing online community they went on to meet women who make it their mission to help other women feel more fantastic too.

From women who have created and launched their own boutique gym concepts or signature workout programmes, ladies who have created personal training businesses or health and wellbeing programmes and entrepreneurs who have designed their own activewear collections, the Fitfluence Network is now bursting at the seems. If Jim Rohn is right and you really are the product of the five people you spend the most time with then we feel pretty lucky to be surrounded by such incredible girl bosses and we'd love you to join us too.


who are the fitfluence network?

We are a tribe of women who desire to make a big impact on the health and fitness industry.

We are a passionate group of female entrepreneurs who are doing exciting things and inspiring others in the process.

We are a network of inspirational women at all stages of business; some are still at the ideas stage, some are uninspired by their nine-to-five and looking for something new, some have side projects and weekend hustles, some are just starting out in business and some are working on taking their businesses to the next level with new concepts and launches.

We have one thing in common; we do the work that we love and inspire others in the process.

We refuse to settle for mediocre and we want you to join us.


How to join the fitfluence network

Perhaps you're a personal trainer or a health and well being coach? Perhaps you're a food or fitness blogger? Or maybe you want to launch your own fitness product or create a signature workout programme or online training course? If you are serious about taking your fitness business to the next level then The Fitfluence Network is for you.

Fill in the application form below and you'll receive communications by email packed full of advice on how to take your business or business idea to the next level. We will offer you advice on how to grow and monetise your business, how to get seen online and how to create a business which you love and which works for you, allowing you to help others and reach your lofty income goals. When you join you'll be the first to hear about our training workshops and masterclasses and be kept up-to-date with the latest industry developments.

what happens next?

If you're ready for more one-to-one help with your business we would love to hear from you. If you just fancy a chat at this stage, even better, we'll grab a cuppa and help you any way we can. Head over to our mentoring page to find out more. 

Once you've added your details below be sure to check out our Events Calendar. We've got a concept development workshop, a networking entrepreneurial panel event and a social media masterclass which we know you're going to love.

We can't wait to meet you in The Fitluence Network.


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