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 Amy Abrahams leading a talk on the psychological aspects of fitness

Amy Abrahams leading a talk on the psychological aspects of fitness

the fitfluence community

Over the past three years the most incredible community of women has formed online and in person at our events. The community is full of women who are keen to stop the faddy diets, get out of the endless cycle of over-eating or under-eating, of over-exercising and instead learn how to eat for energy, to fuel their days.

We recently took the conversation from Instagram and into a private Facebook group where women chat freely about how they balance busy home lives with children, demanding careers and we advise them how to fit healthy eating and simple workouts into their routines.

Mornings and mindset

By helping the passionate women in The Hub, we were inspired to develop "Mornings and Mindset" a 14 day plan which helps women to transform their days by focussing on their morning routine and setting themselves up for success.

Fitfluence founder, Lucy, has joined with Hannah Fox Phys, to deliver this 14 day programme which will give you the confidence to believe in yourself and start making incredible changes. You will create changes in your mindset and your eating habits which will give you more energy and time for the things you love.

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