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Wahoo! You've found the Fitfluence shop where you can order your Fifluence tees, tanks and mugs.

Slogan Tees and Tanks

Slogan 1 - Gym in the AM, Gin in the PM        

                    (Available in black)

Slogan 2 - If at first you don't succed, fix your ponytail and try again                                

                   (Available in white)


Tee = £20      

Tank = £15      



Capturing the ethos of balance and Fitfluence, grab one of our best selling items, a Gym in the AM, Gin in the PM mug. Priced at £8 each, £10 for two or £5 when purchasing an item of clothing.

Ordering is as simple as 1, 2, 3 - just drop us an email to and tell us:

  1. whether you want a Tee or a Tank;
  2. whether you want slogan 1 or 2;
  3. whether you want to add a mug for £5.

We'll then send you a Paypal invoice to complete your order.

All tops come in size medium. We have found that for the majority of people this means the tops fit not too tight for the gym and look great tucked into jeans. At the moment we usually send our parcels out in a big group in the middle of the week. Please let us know if you need your item urgently and we'll do our best to get it to you for your deadline.