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Do you wear the busy badge?

Do you constantly feel like you have to be busy?

Until recently I used to get myself into such a panic when I was coming up to a deadline or a period of annual leave. I would dread going away because I knew I would need to cram in two weeks of work in just one week. Yet when I took a step back I realised that my problem was largely self-made. I felt I had to be busy because that was what was expected. 

As many of you know as well as running Fitfluence I also work full time as a lawyer. You probably also know that in the legal profession people wear the busy badge like a mark of honour. If someone asks how you are you always respond "Busy, you know how it is". There is a pressure to work long hours and constantly take on new work. But when you take a closer look at it constantly being busy means one of two things: either you've priced your product or services incorrectly or you've taken on too much work, possibly both.

Now of course I'm not saying that you will never have busy periods, there may be periods when one project runs over so deadlines collide, or something doesn't go to plan so it's all hands on deck to make a launch date. However, if this kind of thing is happening more often than not and you're working flat out every day then perhaps you need to see whether you can start making your business work for you.

How do I do that Lucy? Well thanks for asking, you need to make your business work for you. Instead of doing everything yourself there are some simple systems which I believe every business should have. I have chosen the top three things that I know female entrepreneurs struggle with:

Content Creation (also known as Getting the Message Out)

You're spending lots of time creating detailed and helpful blog posts for your customers giving them lots of helpful advice that you just know is going to transform their lives. Yet they don't drive traffic to your website and instead are only read by a handful of people two of which you know to be your sister and your mum (believe me I know this feeling). How to change this? Set up your site and your blog posts so that they work for you. Make sure your site is properly optimised and that your killer content has effective keywords to bring traffic to you. Be sure to name the images you use and again add keywords. Enhancing the SEO of your posts will increase the visibility of your site. By making simple adjustments to the way in which you write your posts will mean that you get a higher rank in search engines and thus more people will find you. 

Trying to grow your social media accounts

Get clear on your social media strategy - this is where so many new business owners lose time. They try to post on all platforms and appeal to everyone. With the constant changes in algorithm and the noise of so many others you need to ensure that you utilise each platform in the best way to bring potential clients to you. For example, Instagram should be treated as your shop front to drive traffic to your site. People are unlikely to buy from a simple Instagram post, instead you need to get potential customers to your website. How do you do that? By building relationships, adding value to the lives of others and showing up regularly with consistent valuable content. Only then should you begin trying to sell. However, to be successful you need to talk to people, be interested, be sociable, ask questions so that people are used to responding to you and then when you want your community to take a step like sign-up to your mailing list or check out your latest products you can again ask them to take that step. And of course don't forget, you don't need to provide the perfect service or product for everyone. You don't need thousands of followers and you don't need to appeal to the masses. You only need the clients who are the perfect fit for you. Speak to them.

Finding time for you

One of the main reasons women go into businesses for themselves is so that they have the flexibility to live a life they love. However, when they get into business they end up working longer hours than they worked when they were in their 9-5. Using my time to the best effect is something that I actually now really pride myself on. I work full time and manage and run an online business. Juggling my time and prioritising is something that I do now with ease. Don't be fooled into thinking that I was always great at this. I have been that girl running down the street for the train with soaking wet hair and her shirt buttons half undone. How did I go from there to running a successful business? Firstly I nailed my morning routine, something which requires it's own post and I'll link back once that goes live. The second, I put automation into my business. There are so many tasks that I used to do manually, particularly relating to emails, which I worked hard on to put systems in place. To provide a higher level of service and reach more people. This allowed me to do the things that were really important in my business, like helping other women who had fantastic ideas and concepts to start living their dreams too. I now spend my time helping other women to implement these three systems too through business mentoring. You can find out more about that here.

So the take home points; draft your blog articles and your whole website so it is fully search engine optimised, implement a strategic plan for social media that will bring money into your business and not just look great and finally utilise automated systems so that your business works for you.

I would love to know if you already implement any of these methods or what your best time saving methods are.

Lucy, Founder of Fitfluence


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