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Skincare: Before, During & After A Flight

We get asked a lot of questions about skincare; which products to use after a workout, how to care for our hair if you're training regularly and need to wash it more often. As it's holiday season we thought it would help if we took this advice one step further and provided you with some beauty advice for when you're high in the sky. Here's what our resident beauty and skincare expert Nicola JB had to say:

I absolutely love taking a flight. There's something so magical about being so high in the sky and being completely switched off from the world below.

What I do not love, is the impact that flying has on my skin. Recycled air, changes in time zones, dehydration and lack of sleep all have a detrimental effect on your skin.

As a frequent flyer I've learnt some tricks to help ease the stress your skin endures on a flight*. I'd love to share these with you and equally know your tips and tricks in return!


Pre flight

If possible take off all your make up before the flight. A thorough cleanse, tone and moisturise will prepare your skin for what it is about to go through. If you can substitute your daily moisturiser for something which packs more of a moisture punch then great, an ultra hydrating mask which you can leave on your skin would be ideal.


If you can, try and get some small pots or samples of your moisturiser to take on board with you as your skin will thank you for the top up during the flight.


Travelling with make up on is not a cardinal sin especially on a short haul flight. Do however bear in mind that as your skin desperately searches for moisture it's likely to start absorbing your make up which could lead to clogged pores, patchy skin and blemishes.

If you need to look your best when you walk through the arrivals gate I'd recommend taking your make up on the flight with you and applying before you land.


During the flight

Lip balm, hand cream, eye cream and facial moisturiser are your best friend! Apply them regularly throughout the flight. If you've applied a leave on mask pre flight then this could see you through depending on your skin type. Equally if you're only on a short haul flight then the moisturiser you applied pre flight could see you through. There are a couple of ways to determine if your skin is thirsty. One is to lightly touch key areas such as you're forehead and cheeks and identify dryness. Another is to make some rather bizarre facial gestures, an over exaggerated frown will help you to feel if the skin is tight on your forehead and making an over exaggerated O shape with your mouth will help you to sense if your cheeks and lips are dry - ignore any funny looks from other passengers!


As tempting as it is (and I'm not a complete kill joy!) avoid alcohol on the flight. This will only dehydrate your parched skin even more. H2O is the way to go.


After the flight

A thorough cleanse is a must as soon as possible post flight. This will remove any dirt which has settled on your skin. Follow this with moisturiser to your eyes, face and lips. If you're able too extend this and moisturise your whole body. If you can, for example if you land and are heading straight to bed, try replacing your usual moisturiser with something more intensive. Perhaps a leave on mask (such as the one mentioned pre flight), or a more concentrated moisturising oil. Whilst you are sleeping any moisturiser will really get to work on your skin.

It's not unusual for your skin hydration levels to take a couple of days to normalise, especially if you've been long haul. So keep following your skincare routine to help get back to normal.


If you're struggling to find products here are a few I would recommend following much trial and error and you may be surprised to know that they won't all break the bank:


Nivea lip balm

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate (they now do this for eyes too)

Soap & Glory Hand Food

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream (have you seen the recent rebrand?)

Superdrug Vitamin E body moisturiser


Happy travelling!


Lots of love



*Typed whilst flying over Russia