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Five Wellness Girl Bosses

This week we're throwing the spotlight on some incredible girl bosses in the fitness industry. Why? Because these ladies show up every day, they get stuff done, they're brave enough to start new concepts and try new things. If you really are the product of the 5 people you spend your most time with then we're going to be sure to spend more time hanging out with them and we think you should too. Some of these ladies you might already know and we just know you're going to love all 5.

Hilary Rowland

Kicking us off is the incredible Hilary Rowland a stunning beauty that you're most likely to find leading her tribe from the front of a BOOM cycle ride. Hilary used to be an international model but threw herself into the business world to bring passion and fun back to working out. Haven't been to BOOM cycle yet? Then get it on your to-do list for this month, it's seriously good and definitely not your average spin class. Hilary revolutionised spin classes in the UK to bring a boutique cycle class experience, you don't just spin you ride! The BOOM empire is expanding which isn't surprising due to Hilary's captivating personality, she's full of sass but also someone you could go for a drink with (two very important qualities) Go give her a cheeky follow and keep and eye on what she's up to for some serious girl boss motivation.

Rosie Millen

Next up is another lady that we were so thrilled to have at one of events last year Rosie aka Miss Nutritionist. Aside from being one of the loveliest people you'll ever meet we love Rosie because she is so passionate about helping people take control of their diet and lifestyle to avoid exhaustion and burnout. We can all be so guilty of packing too much in and constantly feeling tired. Rosie is on a mission to change all that and does so in a friendly approachable way without bamboozling people with too much science. Go and check out her page and be sure to say hi.

Elly Blackwell

Thirdly, it's the turn of pocket rocket Elly. As a northern lass she might be an unfamiliar name to some of you but watch this space because her brand of yummy dessert Froconut is growing at a rapid pace and we can totally tell why. In fact we couldn't just share a picture of Elly with her super cute trailer Nelly we had to show you some Froconut too! Healthy desserts just got a whole lot more interesting!

Alex Vanthournout

On Thursday we featured the incredible Alex who is someone we absolutely blooming LOVE! Alex is the co-founder of Fashercise and gets to spend her days selecting the most incredible active wear pieces which essentially means she inspires everyone's workouts each morning, dream job! Most importantly though we love Alex for being herself. In an industry where there is so much pressure to be super lean or super muscley Alex is comfortable in her own skin and that makes her a fantastic role model for all of us.

Kelly Maslen

Our final lovely lady of the week is Kelly co-founder of Kin Retreats. Kelly had a great corporate job but like many was left questioning, is this it? Instead of sticking to the rat race she combined her two passions of Ibiza and yoga and created Kin retreats out on the party island. A perfect example that if your life isn't quite giving you want you want you can change it.

Since running this feature on Instagram we were shocked by the amount of people who have got in touch this week to request to be featured in our list of girl bosses or to nominate their friends to be featured. It was really hard to choose but the women featured are all incredible entrepreneurs at different stages of business and have really varied backgrounds, we wanted this to be the case to show you anyone can make it happen, there is no special formula. Have a great Friday you lovely lot 💛✌