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Make It Happen

This week we've been sharing our practical and realistic life hacks to make your workouts happen. Here are our 7, in no particular order:

Accountability - "a problem shared is a problem halved" this goes for workouts too. Get a workout scheduled with a friend and you're much less likely to drop out last minute. This is also where social media really comes into its own, sharing your training plans, the highs and the lows online brings about a sense of commitment to training. You want to share your updates and people expect them and check up on you which helps keep commitment levels high.

Scheduling - get your workouts in your diary as non-negotiables. Commit to your workout like you would a work meeting, you wouldn't simply not turn up to any other meeting in your diary so treat your workouts in the same way.

Preparation - being prepared can make working out so much less stressful. We know there's a lot to think about. When will you eat; before or after the workout, what will you wear, can you remember all those little bits like makeup and underwear for afterwards, and also your work shoes! There's no short cut to putting the prep in but we know from experience it's better to prep in advance. Get your gym kit ready the night before and when you wake up, hop out of bed and start getting changed before your brain can work out what's happening.

Enjoyment 🍉🍦 - find a workout style you enjoy, this is by far the most important. You can make a thousand plans with your girlfriends and post about your workout on social and get 100 likes but if you don't enjoy your training you won't keep going back. Finding a workout you enjoy can be really tough. We know, we're in a fortunate position to have tried a lot. Take running for example, you'll know by now if you love it or you hate it. Don't be pressured by those that love it. If it's not your jam that's totally fine. Some of us like yoga some of us don't. Be careful not to lump one type of training into the same category just because you've tried spinning once at your local gym it doesn't mean it is anything like the ride class BOOM cycle or 1Rebel even those two classes are completely different. Find what you love and working out will feel less like a chore and more like a cool hobby.

Routine - get yourself in a routine and be realistic (slightly different to scheduling as that is blocking out the time, we find that routine is so important) If you know, and your boss knows, and your PA knows, and your mum knows and even the dog knows that Wednesday nights you leave the office on time for a Pilates class meaning you'll be home a little later, then you're much more likely to make it happen.

Challenge - there's a little bit inside of all of us that likes to win and achieve our goal. If you're feeling a little unmotivated try setting yourself a mini challenge.  Give yourself 6 weeks to achieve it. For example, if you're running a bit already, how about building up to a 5k run? You can try out timed 5ks for free every Saturday morning across the UK at a Parkrun. Or if you're into Pilates try improving your splits. Or a yoga fan what about nailing that headstand? Giving yourself a realistic but attainable goal which gives your stomach a bit of a buzz when you think about how it will feel to achieve it will definitely help you to get out of bed in a morning.

Something new - if you're bored of the same old thing change things up. Grab your friends and test your fitness levels at the latest new class or studio near to you. Or perhaps even try giving an online class a go if you've never tried one before, Barrecore do some fab ones.