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July - What's Hot

Well hello there gorgeous. We're so pleased you've made it to our 'What's Hot' monthly where we'll be sharing everything we think you need to know about the latest products, releases and developments in the wellness industry.


Pip & Nut - Friday saw nut butter brand Pip & Nut expand their product line with a range of 3 almond milks. The dairy-free nut milks are available in unsweetened, honey and vanilla and coconut flavours.  We're pleased to see a company helping to make drinking milk cool again.
Greggs - high street bakers Greggs have confirmed they will be expanding their balanced choice range. Renowned for their sausage rolls and steak bakes the North-East bakers launched a range of sourdough pasties at the end of last year and are now trying to shred their unhealthy image with a summer diet plan.


BOOM cycle have now opened their doors at their Hammersmith studio. Expect the same no nonsense approach to studio cycling with an incredible atmosphere and the added bonus of a place to hangout. To hear more from co-founder Robert Rowland check out this interview.
Digme Fitness expand their studio offering as well this month with a new home in Blackfriars. Digme provide cycle and HIIT workout classes with a bit of a twist. We're heading down to the launch event on Wednesday evening so look out for the low down soon.

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Sale alert - at the risk of sending you running from our site you're going to want to know that Sweaty Betty have a sale on! You're welcome.
Gymtote - who specialise in smart sophisticated gym bags with handy compartments - are also running a sale. The Sophia in Merlot (pictured) is our favourite piece.


Pint-sized fitness trainer and friend of Fitfluence Alice Liveing rebranded to leave the 'Clean Eating Alice' title behind and step into her own name. The rebrand follows her successful three title book deal with Harper Collins which saw her reach numerous number one spots on various bestseller lists. Despite it being her own name she's received multiple requests from people to "spell her right" Alice's surname, Liveing - with the e - is pronounced Living. So that clears that up!

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Team Fitfluence x