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What's Hot - August

This month our what's hot is jam packed with new studio offerings! And we're not going to lie we're pretty blooming excited about them.


Sweaty Betty Flagship store, london

First up something pretty epic, if you haven't heard yet Sweaty Betty are opening their new flagship store on Carnaby Street. Yes dreams really do come true!

What's involved: three floors of fashion, fitness, food and beauty. On the ground floor you shop the latest Sweaty Betty pieces. The basement floor is home to classes such as boxing, yoga and Pilates. These aren't just any old classes you'll find some of your favourite teachers from Frame, GymClass and Paola's BodyBarre. Then on the first floor you will find us, hanging out in the Farm Girl Café with our hair freshly braided from the Duck & Dry Blow Bar which is also housed on the first floor. Could this get any better? Yes, for the first launch week, 7-13th September you can book your fitness classes for free!

Where: No.1 Carnaby Street, if you've been to their Soho store, the new flagship is just steps away from there. If you're not from London and fancy visiting get the tube to either Oxford Circus or Piccadilly Circus, it's then a walk of less than 15 minutes to Carnaby Street

When: the official opening is Wednesday 7th September. We can't wait to see lots of you there.


New Frame Locations and Academy

Frame founders Pip Black and Joan Murphy have really spoilt us this month by announcing new locations and the launch of the Frame Academy

What's involved: Yes that's right if you want to become qualified to teach yoga or pre and post-natal exercise or reformer Pilates you'll now be able to train with Frame at their new academy. We are so pleased to see that friend of Fitfluence the incredible Emily-Clare Hill is one of the 200 hour yoga course instructors along with the fantastic Michael Wong of Boys of Yoga. 

Where: the new studios are opening in London in W6 and Fitzrovia.

When: head over to their website here to sign up for launch notifications and a free class at the studios when they open.


Louisa Drake Method, Studio

Since we launched we have been following Louisa Drake as she taught her signature workout, The Louisa Drake Method, at various studios across London. We were therefore thrilled to hear that she's finally putting down roots in a studio based in one of our favourite yummy hangouts The Detox Kitchen. Now you'll be able to sweat and then refuel under one roof as you pick up a smoothie or salad after class. What's involved: We're heading down to check out the new studio when it opens next week so we'll share more about it then.

Where: Lower Ground Floor, Detox Kitchen, 10 Mortimer Street, W1T 3JJ

When: the studio opens on Monday 4th September. 


The Model Method Online by the Pilates PT

Last but by no means least this month saw the launch of the highly anticipated online training from the Pilates PT, Hannah Grant, "The Model Method Online"

What's involved: this is an online holistic wellness, fitness and nutrition guide. This is an 8 week plan like no other full of workouts and nutritional advice but with added specialist sessions covering anxiety management, body confidence and mindfulness. It doesn't stop there, the course comes with one of the most epic gift boxes we have ever seen. Once you sign up you'll be treated to a box of goodies containing: Sweaty Betty high-grip Pilates socks, Neom Organics products and yummy treats from two of our favourites Pip & Nut and Raw Halo.

Where: online

When: Available now


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Skincare: Before, During & After A Flight

We get asked a lot of questions about skincare; which products to use after a workout, how to care for our hair if you're training regularly and need to wash it more often. As it's holiday season we thought it would help if we took this advice one step further and provided you with some beauty advice for when you're high in the sky. Here's what our resident beauty and skincare expert Nicola JB had to say:

I absolutely love taking a flight. There's something so magical about being so high in the sky and being completely switched off from the world below.

What I do not love, is the impact that flying has on my skin. Recycled air, changes in time zones, dehydration and lack of sleep all have a detrimental effect on your skin.

As a frequent flyer I've learnt some tricks to help ease the stress your skin endures on a flight*. I'd love to share these with you and equally know your tips and tricks in return!


Pre flight

If possible take off all your make up before the flight. A thorough cleanse, tone and moisturise will prepare your skin for what it is about to go through. If you can substitute your daily moisturiser for something which packs more of a moisture punch then great, an ultra hydrating mask which you can leave on your skin would be ideal.


If you can, try and get some small pots or samples of your moisturiser to take on board with you as your skin will thank you for the top up during the flight.


Travelling with make up on is not a cardinal sin especially on a short haul flight. Do however bear in mind that as your skin desperately searches for moisture it's likely to start absorbing your make up which could lead to clogged pores, patchy skin and blemishes.

If you need to look your best when you walk through the arrivals gate I'd recommend taking your make up on the flight with you and applying before you land.


During the flight

Lip balm, hand cream, eye cream and facial moisturiser are your best friend! Apply them regularly throughout the flight. If you've applied a leave on mask pre flight then this could see you through depending on your skin type. Equally if you're only on a short haul flight then the moisturiser you applied pre flight could see you through. There are a couple of ways to determine if your skin is thirsty. One is to lightly touch key areas such as you're forehead and cheeks and identify dryness. Another is to make some rather bizarre facial gestures, an over exaggerated frown will help you to feel if the skin is tight on your forehead and making an over exaggerated O shape with your mouth will help you to sense if your cheeks and lips are dry - ignore any funny looks from other passengers!


As tempting as it is (and I'm not a complete kill joy!) avoid alcohol on the flight. This will only dehydrate your parched skin even more. H2O is the way to go.


After the flight

A thorough cleanse is a must as soon as possible post flight. This will remove any dirt which has settled on your skin. Follow this with moisturiser to your eyes, face and lips. If you're able too extend this and moisturise your whole body. If you can, for example if you land and are heading straight to bed, try replacing your usual moisturiser with something more intensive. Perhaps a leave on mask (such as the one mentioned pre flight), or a more concentrated moisturising oil. Whilst you are sleeping any moisturiser will really get to work on your skin.

It's not unusual for your skin hydration levels to take a couple of days to normalise, especially if you've been long haul. So keep following your skincare routine to help get back to normal.


If you're struggling to find products here are a few I would recommend following much trial and error and you may be surprised to know that they won't all break the bank:


Nivea lip balm

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate (they now do this for eyes too)

Soap & Glory Hand Food

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream (have you seen the recent rebrand?)

Superdrug Vitamin E body moisturiser


Happy travelling!


Lots of love



*Typed whilst flying over Russia

Fifluence Introducing: Lilly Richardson and League Collective

In the run-up to our next event with ethical sportswear brand League Collective we want to introduce you to the woman behind the brand, Lilly Richardson. Grab a cuppa and get ready to find out more about the collection and that incredible hoodie that every one is talking about.

Tell us a bit about your background in fashion?

I began making dresses when I was about 5 years old, and would make them out of anything I could find.. from plastic to bubble wrap to car tyres, you name it! I packed in my education at 16 and moved to London to become a fashion designer. I began interning with dress makers and Milliners whilst taking dress commissions on the side for leaving balls, weddings, proms etc.

And what about sports? Have you enjoyed them since an early age?

I have always been very active, and very much an outdoors person. From sailing, running, biking, horse riding... and don't think I was quite mentally ready for the huge change of moving from the wilderness into the heart of London. I ended up becoming quite sad, whilst also getting insomnia from the crazy hours into the night I would spend dress making after I finished work.

I used to (unintentionally) sleep in a hot yoga studio every morning until the teacher asked me if I'd like to get some sleep prior to the class and actually join in. This was life changing, and I immediately fell in love with yoga. I was then asked if I'd like to be a yoga teacher, so took up the offer on a whim, and have now been teaching full time for the last 5 years!

We hear you recently got involved with Tribe's Run For Love campaign, tell us a bit about that.

I came across Tribe through the guys who made my crowdfunding video - They also did Tribe's. Two of my ambassadors did the first leg of the 2000km run, which was a brilliant chance for me to put the sample clothes to the test with them wearing them.

When I went to meet the girls and give them their samples... they some how roped me into doing it too. So joined them on the last leg for the last 20 miles.

It was my first ever (almost) marathon, and I could not have enjoyed it more! Tribe is a very special community, and although I always miss their running groups because I teach in the evenings, I hope I can be even more involved with them in the future.

24 x 30cm 1.jpg

Why did you decide to start your own business?

I have never really seen another option. There is no other job I would like to have, and have therefore always been self employed... even with yoga I am freelance!

Design has always been my passion. I lose myself and find complete freedom when I am creating new designs. It's like someone is feeding me knowledge I've never thought of, and I just channel it into a piece of clothing.

What has been the most exciting moment so far?

The highlights include creating and filming the crowdfunding video and actually raising the money!

I cant really explain how amazing the feeling was when the hoodies finally arrived from the factory. To finally see something you have been working on tirelessly arrive in your hands, and it looks exactly how you pictured it. This is just the first step, but it's enough to keep me going. The next most exciting thing? I will be exhibiting and selling these hoodies at Boardmasters Festival All next week! Come and check us out :)

Have there been any really tough parts?

The whole thing has been pretty tough.... going into business on your own, in the rag trade.. I wouldn't recommend it.

Over the last 2 years I have had to change factories over 5 times, in 3 different countries, before finally moving to the UK. You never really plan for the set backs, and 2 years is a very long time. My patience, energy, friendships and bank, have been truly tested to the limit. ( I think I am only half human!)


Your collection is made from 100% recycled fabrics, that's pretty cool. How do you achieve this?

Since first designing this collection 2 years ago, technology has rapidly changed in the fashion industry. As a designer with my morals set on caring for our earth, it is paramount that I change with these progressions to create the most eco friendly products I possibly can. When I first started designing, recycled fabrics weren't that popular, but due to this increase in technology, it is incredible the quality of recycled fabrics these days. The hoodies are so soft, and I am beyond excited for you to see the rest of the collection, because the fabric is beyond what I ever hoped I would be able to use. So much research and endless searching has finally brought me to this unbeatable performance recycled fabric.

Why is creating a sustainable brand so important to you and do you think that more pressure should be put on bigger businesses to act with a greater regard for the environment?

Although I have been in the city for 7 years (OMG!?) I could not live here if I knew I didn't have the freedom of nature and countryside to go back to. To think that this could all disappear because of human consumption and how much we are polluting this earth, terrifies me. Something has to be done, a change needs to happen, and if by starting a business where I can aid this change towards a more sustainable way of living then that is what I must do.

Some bigger businesses are now leaning toward recycled fabrics, and using plastic collected from the sea etc. but their production lines are still too vast. Like Organic food, the option is always there, and its up to the customer to buy it. Without customers and people being properly educated as to why or how we can help change our current polluted environment, bigger businesses will continue mass producing for the need of their customers. We live in a fast fashion society, and that is our biggest issue. People have lost sentiment towards their belongings because they own too much and so much is available. Bigger companies need to learn to add proper value to the product they create, helping their customer re connect with what they're buying and why. Do we really need 10 pairs of trainers..?

To meet Lilly and hear more about her story, take part in her yoga class and see her debut collection in person, join us on Saturday 26th August. For more info hit the button below.

Thank you Lilly for sharing your photos to bring this Fitfluence Introducing post alive.

 Lilly Richardson, Designer and Founder of  League Collective

Lilly Richardson, Designer and Founder of League Collective

Thai Massage – Where have you been all my life?

One thing that we all too easily forget when we're working hard chasing our dreams is to look after ourselves. We want our bodies to wake up at 6am, train hard and feel amazing but we forget to treat our bodies the way they deserve. To help keep us on the correct path our resident beauty and skincare expert Nicola JB shares her new found love of Thai Massage ...

Thai Massage - Treat Yourself

Those of you who know me will be no stranger to the fact that in April 2016 I left my quiet home town in England and moved to Hong Kong. I always had huge dreams and ambitions to work internationally so when an opportunity within my organizations Hong Kong office arose guess whose application was the first in the pile.

Moving half way around the world has taught me more in one year than I could ever have imagined. Both personally and professionally I have evolved and I now have an even deeper appreciation for this incredible world in which we live.

Moving to a different country brings with it new experiences and one such life changing experience for me (no exaggeration) has been the discovery of Thai Massage. I have been a lifelong fan of deep tissue massage; not the therapeutic kind, more a very firm, tension relieving massage that really gets deep into my muscles. Thai massage is this and so much more.

The key differentiator in my opinion is the therapist’s ability to use their body weight and limbs to release tension within your body. Yes, I have had a therapist walk up and down my calves. Did it hurt? No. Was it uncomfortable? Occasionally. Did my legs feel amazing afterwards? Absolutely.

The mastery of the masseuse is not just within their hands like many massage techniques used in the western world. Thai massage therapists utilize their elbows, knees and at times full body weight to deliver an incredible full body, tension relieving experience. In contrast, Traditional Thai massage is also performed on the floor. You typically wear a sleep suit type outfit as the therapist manipulates your body into a variety of stretches and yoga like poses.

As reports (and I whole heartedly agree):

‘Thai massage works off the belief that tightened muscles lead to the diminished flow of energy in your body. When energy can't flow freely, you become inflexible, suffer pain and feel stiff. Overtime, this leads to shortened muscles and connective tissue that affects your posture, immunity and organ function -- all of which speed up aging and disability.

The pressing techniques used in Thai massage are designed to increase blood circulation to facilitate the better flow of oxygen and nutrients to your tissues. It also helps your body naturally get rid of waste, such as metabolic byproducts and carbon dioxide, more efficiently.’

Thai massage is not for the faint hearted but I promise you the relief and benefits you will experience post treatment far exceed any momentary discomfort you may experience throughout. My only concern is that now no other massage will compare!

Lots of love,



Make It Happen

This week we've been sharing our practical and realistic life hacks to make your workouts happen. Here are our 7, in no particular order:

Accountability - "a problem shared is a problem halved" this goes for workouts too. Get a workout scheduled with a friend and you're much less likely to drop out last minute. This is also where social media really comes into its own, sharing your training plans, the highs and the lows online brings about a sense of commitment to training. You want to share your updates and people expect them and check up on you which helps keep commitment levels high.

Scheduling - get your workouts in your diary as non-negotiables. Commit to your workout like you would a work meeting, you wouldn't simply not turn up to any other meeting in your diary so treat your workouts in the same way.

Preparation - being prepared can make working out so much less stressful. We know there's a lot to think about. When will you eat; before or after the workout, what will you wear, can you remember all those little bits like makeup and underwear for afterwards, and also your work shoes! There's no short cut to putting the prep in but we know from experience it's better to prep in advance. Get your gym kit ready the night before and when you wake up, hop out of bed and start getting changed before your brain can work out what's happening.

Enjoyment 🍉🍦 - find a workout style you enjoy, this is by far the most important. You can make a thousand plans with your girlfriends and post about your workout on social and get 100 likes but if you don't enjoy your training you won't keep going back. Finding a workout you enjoy can be really tough. We know, we're in a fortunate position to have tried a lot. Take running for example, you'll know by now if you love it or you hate it. Don't be pressured by those that love it. If it's not your jam that's totally fine. Some of us like yoga some of us don't. Be careful not to lump one type of training into the same category just because you've tried spinning once at your local gym it doesn't mean it is anything like the ride class BOOM cycle or 1Rebel even those two classes are completely different. Find what you love and working out will feel less like a chore and more like a cool hobby.

Routine - get yourself in a routine and be realistic (slightly different to scheduling as that is blocking out the time, we find that routine is so important) If you know, and your boss knows, and your PA knows, and your mum knows and even the dog knows that Wednesday nights you leave the office on time for a Pilates class meaning you'll be home a little later, then you're much more likely to make it happen.

Challenge - there's a little bit inside of all of us that likes to win and achieve our goal. If you're feeling a little unmotivated try setting yourself a mini challenge.  Give yourself 6 weeks to achieve it. For example, if you're running a bit already, how about building up to a 5k run? You can try out timed 5ks for free every Saturday morning across the UK at a Parkrun. Or if you're into Pilates try improving your splits. Or a yoga fan what about nailing that headstand? Giving yourself a realistic but attainable goal which gives your stomach a bit of a buzz when you think about how it will feel to achieve it will definitely help you to get out of bed in a morning.

Something new - if you're bored of the same old thing change things up. Grab your friends and test your fitness levels at the latest new class or studio near to you. Or perhaps even try giving an online class a go if you've never tried one before, Barrecore do some fab ones.

Five Wellness Girl Bosses

This week we're throwing the spotlight on some incredible girl bosses in the fitness industry. Why? Because these ladies show up every day, they get stuff done, they're brave enough to start new concepts and try new things. If you really are the product of the 5 people you spend your most time with then we're going to be sure to spend more time hanging out with them and we think you should too. Some of these ladies you might already know and we just know you're going to love all 5.

Hilary Rowland

Kicking us off is the incredible Hilary Rowland a stunning beauty that you're most likely to find leading her tribe from the front of a BOOM cycle ride. Hilary used to be an international model but threw herself into the business world to bring passion and fun back to working out. Haven't been to BOOM cycle yet? Then get it on your to-do list for this month, it's seriously good and definitely not your average spin class. Hilary revolutionised spin classes in the UK to bring a boutique cycle class experience, you don't just spin you ride! The BOOM empire is expanding which isn't surprising due to Hilary's captivating personality, she's full of sass but also someone you could go for a drink with (two very important qualities) Go give her a cheeky follow and keep and eye on what she's up to for some serious girl boss motivation.

Rosie Millen

Next up is another lady that we were so thrilled to have at one of events last year Rosie aka Miss Nutritionist. Aside from being one of the loveliest people you'll ever meet we love Rosie because she is so passionate about helping people take control of their diet and lifestyle to avoid exhaustion and burnout. We can all be so guilty of packing too much in and constantly feeling tired. Rosie is on a mission to change all that and does so in a friendly approachable way without bamboozling people with too much science. Go and check out her page and be sure to say hi.

Elly Blackwell

Thirdly, it's the turn of pocket rocket Elly. As a northern lass she might be an unfamiliar name to some of you but watch this space because her brand of yummy dessert Froconut is growing at a rapid pace and we can totally tell why. In fact we couldn't just share a picture of Elly with her super cute trailer Nelly we had to show you some Froconut too! Healthy desserts just got a whole lot more interesting!

Alex Vanthournout

On Thursday we featured the incredible Alex who is someone we absolutely blooming LOVE! Alex is the co-founder of Fashercise and gets to spend her days selecting the most incredible active wear pieces which essentially means she inspires everyone's workouts each morning, dream job! Most importantly though we love Alex for being herself. In an industry where there is so much pressure to be super lean or super muscley Alex is comfortable in her own skin and that makes her a fantastic role model for all of us.

Kelly Maslen

Our final lovely lady of the week is Kelly co-founder of Kin Retreats. Kelly had a great corporate job but like many was left questioning, is this it? Instead of sticking to the rat race she combined her two passions of Ibiza and yoga and created Kin retreats out on the party island. A perfect example that if your life isn't quite giving you want you want you can change it.

Since running this feature on Instagram we were shocked by the amount of people who have got in touch this week to request to be featured in our list of girl bosses or to nominate their friends to be featured. It was really hard to choose but the women featured are all incredible entrepreneurs at different stages of business and have really varied backgrounds, we wanted this to be the case to show you anyone can make it happen, there is no special formula. Have a great Friday you lovely lot 💛✌ 

July - What's Hot

Well hello there gorgeous. We're so pleased you've made it to our 'What's Hot' monthly where we'll be sharing everything we think you need to know about the latest products, releases and developments in the wellness industry.


Pip & Nut - Friday saw nut butter brand Pip & Nut expand their product line with a range of 3 almond milks. The dairy-free nut milks are available in unsweetened, honey and vanilla and coconut flavours.  We're pleased to see a company helping to make drinking milk cool again.
Greggs - high street bakers Greggs have confirmed they will be expanding their balanced choice range. Renowned for their sausage rolls and steak bakes the North-East bakers launched a range of sourdough pasties at the end of last year and are now trying to shred their unhealthy image with a summer diet plan.


BOOM cycle have now opened their doors at their Hammersmith studio. Expect the same no nonsense approach to studio cycling with an incredible atmosphere and the added bonus of a place to hangout. To hear more from co-founder Robert Rowland check out this interview.
Digme Fitness expand their studio offering as well this month with a new home in Blackfriars. Digme provide cycle and HIIT workout classes with a bit of a twist. We're heading down to the launch event on Wednesday evening so look out for the low down soon.

LNLY 2016 (97 of 101).jpg


Sale alert - at the risk of sending you running from our site you're going to want to know that Sweaty Betty have a sale on! You're welcome.
Gymtote - who specialise in smart sophisticated gym bags with handy compartments - are also running a sale. The Sophia in Merlot (pictured) is our favourite piece.


Pint-sized fitness trainer and friend of Fitfluence Alice Liveing rebranded to leave the 'Clean Eating Alice' title behind and step into her own name. The rebrand follows her successful three title book deal with Harper Collins which saw her reach numerous number one spots on various bestseller lists. Despite it being her own name she's received multiple requests from people to "spell her right" Alice's surname, Liveing - with the e - is pronounced Living. So that clears that up!

Got some wellness news that you think the Fitfluence family would love to hear about? Great, pop us an email to and let us know what you're up to.

Team Fitfluence x

Latest Lifestyle

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There is so much more to health and wellbeing than spending time in the gym, in fact keeping active is only one small part. Of course we wanted to give you a dedicated fitness section where we could keep you up to date with our fitness events, studio launches and which workouts we believe are worth trying. We also have a dedicated mindset section because we truly believe that changing your mindset is the catalyst for success. Then there's this section lifestyle, this will be the home of hottest fitness fashion, the latest food products (essential news), health, beauty ... essentially if it's important to you then it's important to us. As always as well as keeping you up to date with the latest gossip we'll also be sifting through industry claims and faddy trends to bring you up to date advice on issues that matter.

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