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Digme Fitness - Studio Review

This week saw the expansion of the Digme Fitness portfolio with their new studio opening in Blackfriars station. The Fitfluence team were invited to the launch event and Becky & Lucy went down to check it out...

When we were told the studio was on the station platform we weren't quite sure what to expect. However if you head to Platform 2 of Blackfriars Station you'll find the incredible new Digme studio. We were booked into the Matrix class which we would describe as HIIT with a twist.

The class was led by Dan Little, Digme's Head of Fitness, and he got the atmosphere pumping before we stepped foot in the aptly named Energy Lab. At first glance the studio seemed pretty small but it was quickly explained to us that the Matrix class is split into 3 elements which meant we would be spread across the equipment. After chanting our pledge and getting the energy to an epic level ... we began.

First up we completed a primal movement section, a killer workout targeting what felt like every single muscle in our body.

Following that we switched to running. Wait for it though, this was not just your average running on a treadmill. The studio houses nine SkillMills which were pretty scary at first and we both clung on whilst we got used to the momentum of these epic people powered running machines. 

Last up was the conditioning section where we took on TRX and kettlebells. Those three segments were completed twice more to give you the chance to warm up, turn it up a level and then bring your A game for the last round.

There's a lot more to it than we can explain in just a few lines but be warned you need to be ready to seriously sweat. You'll love this class if you're a runner or an endurance athlete and you're looking to improve your mobility or you're someone who likes to challenge themselves to a tough workout. You'll also love it if you're looking for something a bit different and like to keep your training varied.

If you don't fancy Matrix then you can always take a spin class. Again, this is a spin class like no other and it's clear that Digme have seriously invested in technology to create an unforgettable ride experience. Each rider gets their own avatar which they race across two huge TV screens. You can track your workout in real time and you get your ride results emailed afterwards. 

What we loved: the Matrix format, we seriously couldn't love this class any more. It was super sweaty and tough but isn't that exactly what you want from a workout?

The music - aside from some dodgy radio music in reception the class tunes were incredible. A great workout playlist and the cool down track was Prince, Purple Rain, nice touch! There's such a great opportunity here for themed music workouts too which would really create the perfect training atmosphere.

The showers - we love that there aren't just 3 or 4 showers in the ladies changing rooms, there were long rows of them! Given that this is a commuter gym it shows they've really thought it through. The extra touches such as the awesome new Dyson hairdryers and gorgeous Cowshed products added that extra bit of luxe to make this more than just a fitness experience. 

What we didn't love: it's actually pretty hard to pick something not to love. However, we think it's important that you know that this is purely a studio based gym aside from the two workout rooms there are no other fitness spaces. So if you're looking for squat racks and cross-trainers this gym isn't for you. Equally, if you're looking for somewhere to go after your class and work on your laptop this isn't really a hangout type gym, nor does it try to be. Instead it has a clear class focus and in those it really delivers. 

Would we recommend it? Hell yes! 

Digme are currently running an insane launch offer of 10 days of unlimited classes for £20. That could work out at £2 a class! Be sure to let us know if you give it a go and if anyone fancies trying either of the classes give us a shout we can't wait to go back. 

Becky, Lucy & Team Fitfluence x