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Cross Lift

There's no denying that cross fit has taken the world by storm. I'd argue it even has its own language which only cross fitters can understand. Though I will never profess to be a cross fitter I do love cross fit style workouts where the worlds of multiple types and styles of fitness collide.

I love variety in my workouts but what I really love is lifting. So when I heard about Cross Lift, the new kid in town, I was super excited to give it a go.


If Cross Lift were a cocktail the recipe would be equal measures of the following:

Power lifting + Olympic lifting + strongman + cardio.

The workout is designed around a small set of exercises which are performed at very high intensity. The result is a very satisfying mix of sore muscles and total exhaustion. Knowing that world champion and all round super human Dmitry Klokov founded this discipline, I should have anticipated nothing less.


Todays Cross Lift workout looked a little something like this:

Car deadliftx 10

Clean & press x 8

Dead ball load x 8

Prowler push @ 30m

This was completed in a loop for 45 minutes.


Now, I'm no power lifter but I'm comfortable and confident with the foundations of a bench press, deadlift and squat. On the strong man front I can flip tyres and press kegs. Cardio wise I can (albeit reluctantly at times) row, sprint or bike for time. But Olympic lifting is a complete unknown to me and something which through attending Cross Lift I now have an insane amount of respect for.

The technique and timing involved in the mastery of Olympic lifting is an art form. And I'm not afraid to admit that I ended up on my backside whilst trying to perform even the basic ranges of motion involved.


Cross Lift involves your entire body. Every exercise demands that your whole body and all the power and might within it is utilised, nothing is working in isolation.

Each exercise in the sequence requires a different technique to complete so you really are activating your mind and body in a whole new way.


I loved my Cross Lift experience and I'll certainly be attending more classes in the future. I'm excited to develop and learn more about Olympic lifting and also test my body and mind through this short but intense workout pattern.


Lots of love

Nicola x