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Sweatlife The Festival

This weekend saw the second annual lululemon Sweatlife Festival. If you weren't there in person you will have seen your social media feed full of pictures from the day as sweatxperts (their word not ours) led classes in boxing, yoga, spinning, pilates, dance, rowing and crossfit.

Before we launch into all of the action, let's meet the hosts.  In case you're new to lululemon we thought we'd let them introduce themselves:

"We’re an athletic apparel company from Vancouver, Canada. We were born from a love of daily sweat, the desire to innovate technical gear, and the appetite to build a community where everyone can live their best life. That means crushing goals, getting sweaty at least once a day, and having a blast while doing it. You’ll find us where yoga is. Or on a run, on a bike, in the gym, or in the beer garden."

It sounds pretty awesome and the day definitely didn't disappoint. One of our awesome Fitfluence event attendees Hannah shares with us the highlights of her day:

A bright and friendly welcome into the Lululemon Sweatlife event this weekend saved us from the murky forecast over London. The basement entrance made for a mysterious and über cool setting into the fitness cavern that emerged.


The vast open corridors of the Tobacco Dock Venue were the perfect setting for sweaty Lulu-clad bodies to cool off, mingle, and browse through fit-related merchandise: from nourishment to active-wear, all bases were covered.


With many classes and inspirational speakers lined up; myself, and friend Anna, had already pre-booked slots for an array of activity throughout the day.

The first of which was Jody Shield presenting her thoughts on ‘How your body talks’. Enchanting from beginning to end, Jody offered thought provoking advice. Learning to listen to my body is something I have been working on over the past year. It’s a skill for sure and one to always be worked upon. I thank you Jody, for reminding us that each and every one of has a pretty amazing story that can be found in our physical body – just listen and it will tell you what it needs. Be open to possibilities always...

From inspirational talk we meandered past individual glass walled rooms, where Lulu ambassadors were showcasing samples of fitness fun. All rooms were aptly named with wellness words, enabling us to find our way to ‘Down Dog’. A real Yoga treat hosted by Steffy White Yoga was up next, and we weren’t disappointed. 45 minutes of mindful movement from this down-to-earth and nimble little lady was the perfect way to get the muscles working and awaken our minds.


Finding Balance is a subject close to my heart, striving to find my own personal balance and helping others to discover theirs too, I was intrigued to listen to Annie Clarke with her own version of events. It’s evident that the rise of the wellness industry has opened many minds to the idea that health is more than just good food and exercise. Each and every one of us is unique in body, mind and lifestyle and therefore, balance of those elements is different for us all. However common ground was apparent in the questions that were raised as Annie’s words came to an end. What is right for one is not always right for another.

Be you and find your balance.

After a brief intermission to seek out some smashed avo and smoked salmon on toast, we returned to experience ‘Om The Move’ Meditation Bus.

It was lovely to catch up with the bevvy of beauties from the Lulu Guildford Showroom – these ladies always offer a warm embrace and I’m so grateful to have been shown support and inspiration in my journey to date from them all. On board the double-decker we sat comfortably, donned the most stylish headphones and experienced an intimate meditation experience that could focus and relax the busiest of brains.


Our final experience of the day was with Breathe Studios. Sweat, smiles in abundance and high fives, this was the perfect end to day; supporting this unique boutique gym close to my hometown and seeing them go from strength to strength is awesome - an inspiration to us all.


And I guess that’s the resounding message of the day. This event comes with a sense of support to all; support to individuals in becoming the best version of themselves, support for business start-ups, support for inspirational fitness industry experts spreading their message.

Community spirit at it’s best.


Of course, attending a fitness event wouldn’t be done right if we came away empty handed – so with Lululemon totes swinging from our arms, we emerged.

Inspired, with chilled vibes and high fives.

This is my sweat life.

Hannah Wilson


What an awesome review. We are so passionate about advocating a healthy happy balanced lifestyle and we are thrilled that it's something that was the key message of the day. A HUGE thanks again to Hannah for sharing the behind the scenes details of her day.

Team Fitfluence x