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Our Next Fitness Event

Last year we went all out with our events and we had one or two a month. In July last year we held 6 events! Which was an incredible feat even by our standards. Despite having sell out event after sell out event we decided to take a break. The fitness events scene came a bit saturated and although we had led the crowd by offering workouts and educational panel chats in one combined event and even though no-one else was doing that we felt like others had followed but without the same results. Our founder Lucy explains:

"The feedback we were receiving about the events was incredible. I was having regular 'pinch me' moments as we got approached by some really well-respected fitness experts who wanted to be part of our events. We had only just started out, but people were asking us if they could get involved. We also had an incredible rate of interest from some pretty big brands but something just didn't feel right. I no longer felt like we were offering something unique and so we decided to take a step back, watch the market and see where we could lead from the front with new opportunities again."

With no events planned for the beginning of 2017 we cheered on our Fitfluence family from the sidelines and watched as they smashed their goals. 

Now after working on the perfect event for months we are SO excited to announce that our next event will take place on Saturday 19 August.  Lucy explains:

"The August event is already distinctly different from some of our other events because there isn't a workout involved. It is clear that there is so much more to health and fitness than which workouts you do, what you eat and what you look like. The most important thing is how you think. If you can train your mind to commit to your dreams then what you can achieve is extraordinary. We want other people to experience this too. Our next event will take place with a small group of attendees and show them how to pull down any barriers of self-doubt and get out of their own way to start living the life they deserve. With a tried and tested formula we are expecting some epic results." 

The workshop will focus on four distinct areas: the miracle morning, goal setting, how to let go of limiting beliefs and how to utilise your time. We are so excited to deliver this workshop and help people transform their vision of themselves and in doing so achieve their goals. A limited number of tickets are available now.

We also have an Autumn Fitness event in the pipeline, the details of which will be shared first to our Fitfluence Fam - to be one of the first in the know just pop your email address in here.

We're so looking forward to meeting you at our next event.

Lucy & Team Fitfluence x