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Behind the Scenes - Fluent in Fitness - January 2016

On Sunday 17th January 2016 we held our very first event. We had been planning it for months and we were overwhelmed when tickets completely sold out well in advance of the date.  You will have seen lots of shiny smiling photos from the event with Alice Liveing, Annie Clarke and Em Furey. In the run up to our next event we thought you might like to hear about some of the behind the scenes action.

The day before the event the team assembled at our founder Lucy's house where we found the fridge jam packed with Moma muesli and boxes upon boxes of goodies that needed to be assembled into bags for our guests. When Fitfluence started we had hoped to sell 20 tickets to our first event, on our best hopes 30 tickets sold would have been incredible. We had 56 people at our first event which meant lots of goody bags to pack!

We woke up bright and early the next morning to head off for a brisk walk to get rid of the nerves and we were met with SNOW! Snow in January is obviously not unheard of but in central London?! We had contingency plans coming out of our ears for missing instructors or problems with the venue but we never even thought about the weather. After some frantic minutes checking the TFL website we were comforted that everything was okay and people would be able to make it to the event.

We arrived at the venue and got set up. Given that four of us had grown up dancing together the Royal Academy of Dance was the perfect venue for the first event. The venue looked totally different to the time we had chosen it early that summer but we set about leaping across the studio like ballerinas incredibly excited about the morning to come.

As guests began to arrive it all got very real and the event kicked off without a hitch.

After an incredible active session we sent our event guests off to refresh with some yummy snacks and deliciously refreshing cold pressed juices from Moju Drinks we were even joined by founders Charlie and Rich personally. As our guests enjoyed some down time and a chance to chat in one room we hit a major setback in the main hall. We were missing 20 goody bags! We had carefully packed everything in the house into the cars and transferred it safely to the studio, or so we thought. We ran down to check the cars, nothing. We ran back up to recount the bags in the studio, still only 40. After weeks and weeks of working with brands like Pip & Nut, Vita Coco, Neat Nutrition, Squirrel Sisters and so many more, brands we loved (and still love) and cared about, we didn't want anyone to go home empty handed but we also couldn't bear the reality of telling the brands that actually their yummy treats had not reached their recipients. Jo and Nic shrieked! With the snow people had come in huge winter coats which we had carefully laid in a pile. We hadn't realised that the pile had expanded and underneath were the missing goody bags. Our event guests came bounding back in ready for the next section of the event, totally oblivious to the madness that had taken place moments before.

Our stellar line-up of Alice, Em and Annie joined Lucy to chat all things health and wellness. 'How to start your fitness journey' was a key topic and the atmosphere was so welcoming and relaxed that we had plenty of questions from the audience (no need for the pre-pared questions just in case). Charlie from Oppo Ice-Cream closed the event by giving every guest a tub of ice-cream to try and explained how he had come to found such a fantastic healthy alternative dessert.

Our Fitfluence fam left and we were exhausted but overwhelmingly happy. Social media went so crazy that our batteries were drained trying to keep up - something which would be a theme for every event to come. Our first event review was posted soon after, you can read that here, and we new we had started something really special.

Team Fitfluence x