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Word on the Street

We know that there's quite a buzz about our events restarting again.  Thank you all for your emails asking to be the first to know and requesting to be put on wait lists for tickets. We aren't running wait lists but we thought instead we'd share a bit more about our events so you know what to expect if you've never been before.

Our very first event was back in January 2016. We were joined by Alice Liveing, Annie Clarke, Em Furey and Charlie Thuillier (Oppo co-founder). The feedback from our first event was everything we could have wished for and more. When the first blog review came through we were so happy and overwhelmed with it we even shared it with our mum's!

The review was written by Bethany Silcox and although we urge you to read the full review in full, her is her conclusion:

Having attended (and loved) a fair few fitness events in and around London I initially couldn’t put my finger on what had made this event so special for me personally. Reflecting on this, the diverse panel carefully selected by Fitfluence was, for me, the key to the event’s success. I know there were people in the room who could relate directly to the lifestyles and journeys of each of the panellists so there really was something for everyone.

Since then we've had so many more events and tonnes of fab feedback we thought we'd share them with you. We love the review of one of our events at Third Space by Chez Shanay, she said:

For those of you who don’t know about FitFluence, you’re missing out! It’s a great company who run health and fitness events in the London area, all of which not just provide a great workout, but also contain a knowledge session, where participants have the chance to learn from industry professionals and ask any questions they may have.

How lovely is that! Chez went on to say that she found the knowledge session of our event "invaluable" You can read her entire review here. Our resident Registered Dietician Nichola Whitehead has popped some of the advice that she sharedat the event on her website.

We've got a snippet here from one of our Dreams Into Plans event attendees, where Corey shared her delight about winning a gorgeous Gym Tote.

Here's another recap from our first event (albeit only the second part hehe) from the lovely Charlie Watson aka The Runner Beans - read it here.

Lucy Walker has shared her thoughts on our June event over on her blog Get Luce. We're so pleased Lucy loved the friendly and wiggly yoga and we'll have to ensure that Em adds more rests into the HIIT session next time (sorry about that!). We are so pleased that she has attended a couple of our events and felt happy to come alone. Have a read of her review here.

Thank you so much for all of your lovely words, and constructive criticism. If you've been to one of our events and written about us then be sure to drop us a comment below with the link so that we can feature you too.  If reading these reviews have got you just a little bit excited for our next event make sure you're on our mailing list so that you can snap up one of the tickets as soon as they're released.

Team Fitfluence x

Sweatlife The Festival

This weekend saw the second annual lululemon Sweatlife Festival. If you weren't there in person you will have seen your social media feed full of pictures from the day as sweatxperts (their word not ours) led classes in boxing, yoga, spinning, pilates, dance, rowing and crossfit.

Before we launch into all of the action, let's meet the hosts.  In case you're new to lululemon we thought we'd let them introduce themselves:

"We’re an athletic apparel company from Vancouver, Canada. We were born from a love of daily sweat, the desire to innovate technical gear, and the appetite to build a community where everyone can live their best life. That means crushing goals, getting sweaty at least once a day, and having a blast while doing it. You’ll find us where yoga is. Or on a run, on a bike, in the gym, or in the beer garden."

It sounds pretty awesome and the day definitely didn't disappoint. One of our awesome Fitfluence event attendees Hannah shares with us the highlights of her day:

A bright and friendly welcome into the Lululemon Sweatlife event this weekend saved us from the murky forecast over London. The basement entrance made for a mysterious and über cool setting into the fitness cavern that emerged.


The vast open corridors of the Tobacco Dock Venue were the perfect setting for sweaty Lulu-clad bodies to cool off, mingle, and browse through fit-related merchandise: from nourishment to active-wear, all bases were covered.


With many classes and inspirational speakers lined up; myself, and friend Anna, had already pre-booked slots for an array of activity throughout the day.

The first of which was Jody Shield presenting her thoughts on ‘How your body talks’. Enchanting from beginning to end, Jody offered thought provoking advice. Learning to listen to my body is something I have been working on over the past year. It’s a skill for sure and one to always be worked upon. I thank you Jody, for reminding us that each and every one of has a pretty amazing story that can be found in our physical body – just listen and it will tell you what it needs. Be open to possibilities always...

From inspirational talk we meandered past individual glass walled rooms, where Lulu ambassadors were showcasing samples of fitness fun. All rooms were aptly named with wellness words, enabling us to find our way to ‘Down Dog’. A real Yoga treat hosted by Steffy White Yoga was up next, and we weren’t disappointed. 45 minutes of mindful movement from this down-to-earth and nimble little lady was the perfect way to get the muscles working and awaken our minds.


Finding Balance is a subject close to my heart, striving to find my own personal balance and helping others to discover theirs too, I was intrigued to listen to Annie Clarke with her own version of events. It’s evident that the rise of the wellness industry has opened many minds to the idea that health is more than just good food and exercise. Each and every one of us is unique in body, mind and lifestyle and therefore, balance of those elements is different for us all. However common ground was apparent in the questions that were raised as Annie’s words came to an end. What is right for one is not always right for another.

Be you and find your balance.

After a brief intermission to seek out some smashed avo and smoked salmon on toast, we returned to experience ‘Om The Move’ Meditation Bus.

It was lovely to catch up with the bevvy of beauties from the Lulu Guildford Showroom – these ladies always offer a warm embrace and I’m so grateful to have been shown support and inspiration in my journey to date from them all. On board the double-decker we sat comfortably, donned the most stylish headphones and experienced an intimate meditation experience that could focus and relax the busiest of brains.


Our final experience of the day was with Breathe Studios. Sweat, smiles in abundance and high fives, this was the perfect end to day; supporting this unique boutique gym close to my hometown and seeing them go from strength to strength is awesome - an inspiration to us all.


And I guess that’s the resounding message of the day. This event comes with a sense of support to all; support to individuals in becoming the best version of themselves, support for business start-ups, support for inspirational fitness industry experts spreading their message.

Community spirit at it’s best.


Of course, attending a fitness event wouldn’t be done right if we came away empty handed – so with Lululemon totes swinging from our arms, we emerged.

Inspired, with chilled vibes and high fives.

This is my sweat life.

Hannah Wilson


What an awesome review. We are so passionate about advocating a healthy happy balanced lifestyle and we are thrilled that it's something that was the key message of the day. A HUGE thanks again to Hannah for sharing the behind the scenes details of her day.

Team Fitfluence x


Cross Lift

There's no denying that cross fit has taken the world by storm. I'd argue it even has its own language which only cross fitters can understand. Though I will never profess to be a cross fitter I do love cross fit style workouts where the worlds of multiple types and styles of fitness collide.

I love variety in my workouts but what I really love is lifting. So when I heard about Cross Lift, the new kid in town, I was super excited to give it a go.


If Cross Lift were a cocktail the recipe would be equal measures of the following:

Power lifting + Olympic lifting + strongman + cardio.

The workout is designed around a small set of exercises which are performed at very high intensity. The result is a very satisfying mix of sore muscles and total exhaustion. Knowing that world champion and all round super human Dmitry Klokov founded this discipline, I should have anticipated nothing less.


Todays Cross Lift workout looked a little something like this:

Car deadliftx 10

Clean & press x 8

Dead ball load x 8

Prowler push @ 30m

This was completed in a loop for 45 minutes.


Now, I'm no power lifter but I'm comfortable and confident with the foundations of a bench press, deadlift and squat. On the strong man front I can flip tyres and press kegs. Cardio wise I can (albeit reluctantly at times) row, sprint or bike for time. But Olympic lifting is a complete unknown to me and something which through attending Cross Lift I now have an insane amount of respect for.

The technique and timing involved in the mastery of Olympic lifting is an art form. And I'm not afraid to admit that I ended up on my backside whilst trying to perform even the basic ranges of motion involved.


Cross Lift involves your entire body. Every exercise demands that your whole body and all the power and might within it is utilised, nothing is working in isolation.

Each exercise in the sequence requires a different technique to complete so you really are activating your mind and body in a whole new way.


I loved my Cross Lift experience and I'll certainly be attending more classes in the future. I'm excited to develop and learn more about Olympic lifting and also test my body and mind through this short but intense workout pattern.


Lots of love

Nicola x


Digme Fitness - Studio Review

This week saw the expansion of the Digme Fitness portfolio with their new studio opening in Blackfriars station. The Fitfluence team were invited to the launch event and Becky & Lucy went down to check it out...

When we were told the studio was on the station platform we weren't quite sure what to expect. However if you head to Platform 2 of Blackfriars Station you'll find the incredible new Digme studio. We were booked into the Matrix class which we would describe as HIIT with a twist.

The class was led by Dan Little, Digme's Head of Fitness, and he got the atmosphere pumping before we stepped foot in the aptly named Energy Lab. At first glance the studio seemed pretty small but it was quickly explained to us that the Matrix class is split into 3 elements which meant we would be spread across the equipment. After chanting our pledge and getting the energy to an epic level ... we began.

First up we completed a primal movement section, a killer workout targeting what felt like every single muscle in our body.

Following that we switched to running. Wait for it though, this was not just your average running on a treadmill. The studio houses nine SkillMills which were pretty scary at first and we both clung on whilst we got used to the momentum of these epic people powered running machines. 

Last up was the conditioning section where we took on TRX and kettlebells. Those three segments were completed twice more to give you the chance to warm up, turn it up a level and then bring your A game for the last round.

There's a lot more to it than we can explain in just a few lines but be warned you need to be ready to seriously sweat. You'll love this class if you're a runner or an endurance athlete and you're looking to improve your mobility or you're someone who likes to challenge themselves to a tough workout. You'll also love it if you're looking for something a bit different and like to keep your training varied.

If you don't fancy Matrix then you can always take a spin class. Again, this is a spin class like no other and it's clear that Digme have seriously invested in technology to create an unforgettable ride experience. Each rider gets their own avatar which they race across two huge TV screens. You can track your workout in real time and you get your ride results emailed afterwards. 

What we loved: the Matrix format, we seriously couldn't love this class any more. It was super sweaty and tough but isn't that exactly what you want from a workout?

The music - aside from some dodgy radio music in reception the class tunes were incredible. A great workout playlist and the cool down track was Prince, Purple Rain, nice touch! There's such a great opportunity here for themed music workouts too which would really create the perfect training atmosphere.

The showers - we love that there aren't just 3 or 4 showers in the ladies changing rooms, there were long rows of them! Given that this is a commuter gym it shows they've really thought it through. The extra touches such as the awesome new Dyson hairdryers and gorgeous Cowshed products added that extra bit of luxe to make this more than just a fitness experience. 

What we didn't love: it's actually pretty hard to pick something not to love. However, we think it's important that you know that this is purely a studio based gym aside from the two workout rooms there are no other fitness spaces. So if you're looking for squat racks and cross-trainers this gym isn't for you. Equally, if you're looking for somewhere to go after your class and work on your laptop this isn't really a hangout type gym, nor does it try to be. Instead it has a clear class focus and in those it really delivers. 

Would we recommend it? Hell yes! 

Digme are currently running an insane launch offer of 10 days of unlimited classes for £20. That could work out at £2 a class! Be sure to let us know if you give it a go and if anyone fancies trying either of the classes give us a shout we can't wait to go back. 

Becky, Lucy & Team Fitfluence x

Our Next Fitness Event

Last year we went all out with our events and we had one or two a month. In July last year we held 6 events! Which was an incredible feat even by our standards. Despite having sell out event after sell out event we decided to take a break. The fitness events scene came a bit saturated and although we had led the crowd by offering workouts and educational panel chats in one combined event and even though no-one else was doing that we felt like others had followed but without the same results. Our founder Lucy explains:

"The feedback we were receiving about the events was incredible. I was having regular 'pinch me' moments as we got approached by some really well-respected fitness experts who wanted to be part of our events. We had only just started out, but people were asking us if they could get involved. We also had an incredible rate of interest from some pretty big brands but something just didn't feel right. I no longer felt like we were offering something unique and so we decided to take a step back, watch the market and see where we could lead from the front with new opportunities again."

With no events planned for the beginning of 2017 we cheered on our Fitfluence family from the sidelines and watched as they smashed their goals. 

Now after working on the perfect event for months we are SO excited to announce that our next event will take place on Saturday 19 August.  Lucy explains:

"The August event is already distinctly different from some of our other events because there isn't a workout involved. It is clear that there is so much more to health and fitness than which workouts you do, what you eat and what you look like. The most important thing is how you think. If you can train your mind to commit to your dreams then what you can achieve is extraordinary. We want other people to experience this too. Our next event will take place with a small group of attendees and show them how to pull down any barriers of self-doubt and get out of their own way to start living the life they deserve. With a tried and tested formula we are expecting some epic results." 

The workshop will focus on four distinct areas: the miracle morning, goal setting, how to let go of limiting beliefs and how to utilise your time. We are so excited to deliver this workshop and help people transform their vision of themselves and in doing so achieve their goals. A limited number of tickets are available now.

We also have an Autumn Fitness event in the pipeline, the details of which will be shared first to our Fitfluence Fam - to be one of the first in the know just pop your email address in here.

We're so looking forward to meeting you at our next event.

Lucy & Team Fitfluence x

Behind the Scenes - Fluent in Fitness - January 2016

On Sunday 17th January 2016 we held our very first event. We had been planning it for months and we were overwhelmed when tickets completely sold out well in advance of the date.  You will have seen lots of shiny smiling photos from the event with Alice Liveing, Annie Clarke and Em Furey. In the run up to our next event we thought you might like to hear about some of the behind the scenes action.

The day before the event the team assembled at our founder Lucy's house where we found the fridge jam packed with Moma muesli and boxes upon boxes of goodies that needed to be assembled into bags for our guests. When Fitfluence started we had hoped to sell 20 tickets to our first event, on our best hopes 30 tickets sold would have been incredible. We had 56 people at our first event which meant lots of goody bags to pack!

We woke up bright and early the next morning to head off for a brisk walk to get rid of the nerves and we were met with SNOW! Snow in January is obviously not unheard of but in central London?! We had contingency plans coming out of our ears for missing instructors or problems with the venue but we never even thought about the weather. After some frantic minutes checking the TFL website we were comforted that everything was okay and people would be able to make it to the event.

We arrived at the venue and got set up. Given that four of us had grown up dancing together the Royal Academy of Dance was the perfect venue for the first event. The venue looked totally different to the time we had chosen it early that summer but we set about leaping across the studio like ballerinas incredibly excited about the morning to come.

As guests began to arrive it all got very real and the event kicked off without a hitch.

After an incredible active session we sent our event guests off to refresh with some yummy snacks and deliciously refreshing cold pressed juices from Moju Drinks we were even joined by founders Charlie and Rich personally. As our guests enjoyed some down time and a chance to chat in one room we hit a major setback in the main hall. We were missing 20 goody bags! We had carefully packed everything in the house into the cars and transferred it safely to the studio, or so we thought. We ran down to check the cars, nothing. We ran back up to recount the bags in the studio, still only 40. After weeks and weeks of working with brands like Pip & Nut, Vita Coco, Neat Nutrition, Squirrel Sisters and so many more, brands we loved (and still love) and cared about, we didn't want anyone to go home empty handed but we also couldn't bear the reality of telling the brands that actually their yummy treats had not reached their recipients. Jo and Nic shrieked! With the snow people had come in huge winter coats which we had carefully laid in a pile. We hadn't realised that the pile had expanded and underneath were the missing goody bags. Our event guests came bounding back in ready for the next section of the event, totally oblivious to the madness that had taken place moments before.

Our stellar line-up of Alice, Em and Annie joined Lucy to chat all things health and wellness. 'How to start your fitness journey' was a key topic and the atmosphere was so welcoming and relaxed that we had plenty of questions from the audience (no need for the pre-pared questions just in case). Charlie from Oppo Ice-Cream closed the event by giving every guest a tub of ice-cream to try and explained how he had come to found such a fantastic healthy alternative dessert.

Our Fitfluence fam left and we were exhausted but overwhelmingly happy. Social media went so crazy that our batteries were drained trying to keep up - something which would be a theme for every event to come. Our first event review was posted soon after, you can read that here, and we new we had started something really special.

Team Fitfluence x