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Masterclass - How to create a successful online health and fitness business

If you went to a party and met someone new you would never shake their hand and say "Hi, hire me, like my pictures, comment on my posts, buy my products!" If we did, there is no way people would take us seriously. So why do we think we can do that online?

When our founder Lucy launched Fitfluence she didn't have a big budget for marketing or advertising and there was no money to promote the event launchs. Instead, she took to social media and grew a community. The result was that as soon as the tickets were released they sold out. When the next event was launched the same thing happened. It happened again and again. Why? Because Lucy had created a story, a message that was exactly what her community - her ideal client - wanted.  

There are millions of people using social media and this course is designed to help you put in place your online systems to find your community and serve them well. In this three hour workshop we will walk you through the strategies you need to know to stop you from trying to yell above the noise and instead reach your customers and clients on a level which you can tell them what they need to know.

The course will cover:

  • getting started, defining your core values and your USP
  • developing your brand identity
  • establishing an effective online feeder system/sales funnel
  • creating an engaged social media following and community
  • utilising the key aspects of the platforms which are relevant to your niche
  • using social media to grow your mailing list

Why is all this important? Because putting these systems in place will allow you to free up your time so that you can focus on serving your clients well. Instead of wasting time and money on apps, ads and marketing that doesn't give results we will walk you through the system that creates our sell out campaigns.

At the event you will have the opportunity to network with like minded women who are growing their businesses in the health and wellness industry.

This masterclass will allow you to look at your online marketing and social media strategy in a way you never have before. Instead of simply 'posting and praying' you'll leave the masterclass with a strategy which you know how to apply and most importantly you know will convert. Most of the strategies involve little to no budget and we will be sharing our views on a platform which is not as widely used in the industry but can be used to get organic traffic.

Tickets are priced at £95. Spaces are limited and a waitlist will be opened and tickets will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

If this kind of event sounds right up your street then why not join the Fitfluence Network, a passionate group of female entrepreneurs who are doing exciting things in the wellness industry. The network is full of women at all stages of business, some are just starting out and some are working on taking their businesses to the next level with new concepts and launches. It's completely free to join and you'll receive communications by email packed full of advice and you'll be the first to hear about our training workshops and masterclasses. To join just add your email in the boxes below.

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