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A recipe for success

Have you ever wondered why some people are successful and others aren't? It's all down to a person's ability to believe in themselves and their abilities.

Put it another way, all too often we jeopardise our own success. We quit before we've even started, "I could never do that" or "my body isn't built that way". We place limiting beliefs on ourselves but why? If a friend were to ask us what we thought of their chances of success we'd give them our full support and guidance of how to improve. Why don't we do that for ourselves? Habit. For 25/30+ years our mind has developed to respond in the same way. If you always think you can't, then it goes without saying that the next opportunity to come along, you'll think you can't do that too. We need to stop berating ourselves and limiting our own abilities and start being our number one cheerleaders. But how?

Practice. Seriously. You can't think that if you've been living in a certain way for 20 years that poof overnight your mindset will change. Unfortunately it doesn't work like that. Instead of putting yourself down practice picking yourself up.

Say your goal is to feel good in a bikini when you go on holiday in 3 weeks time. For 99% of people we are not going to look like Pamela Anderson, ever and definitely not in 3 weeks. That's not us being mean but realistic. But stop, don't put yourself down, you are where you are and getting mad for not starting earlier won't get you anywhere. It's totally normal. But you must be rational. As much as we'd all love to look like Pammy it isn't ever going to happen so don't put that out as a comparison and then see yourself as a failure before you've even started. Get realistic, in 3 weeks you can fit in 6-9 workouts. That's 3 a week max that's realistic. Commit to that. Schedule the workouts in your diary like you would a client meeting and make them happen. Take an honest look at your diet - by which we mean what you eat, not that you should be on a diet - and be sensible about the changes you can make. Don't cut out everything. Choose one or two things to cut out and focus on sticking to that.

What do these two approaches have in common? You're setting yourself up for success. You're giving yourself a chance to be successful which means you're already more likely to succeed. Which means when you start off succeeding and hitting your goals you get the feeling that you're doing well and you'll want to keep at it. Success breeds success. That's why we're told that you become a product of the 5 people you spend your most time with.

If you fancy joining other women who are looking to set some massive goals and then smash them then give this little link a look and clear your diary for 19 August, we've got a feeling it's going to be incredible.

Lucy - Fitfluence