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Just Jump

Have you ever wanted to do something but even the thought of it was too scary to give it a try? We have definitely been there, pretty regularly if we're honest.

It's really great to have HUGE dreams but what good are they if they stay as dreams? What is it that stops us from taking the first step? Fear? Time? Money? All three?

When we held our first event, we were petrified that it would all go wrong. That no-one would show up, that people wouldn't enjoy the event or even that there would be a fire in building and the event would be cancelled. In the planning stages we were worried about what people would think. Would they understand that we weren't just another fitness company and that we were trying to educate people to and work on mindset not just the physical aspects? Would people understand that talking about health and fitness was just as important as going to the gym, perhaps even more so? 

We need not have worried one bit because the event was a huge success. We immediately went on to sell out for our next three events and the feedback was incredible.

But how do you get from dreaming to dream come true?

How do you throw yourself off the edge of the cliff and go for it?

If you've got a hurdle you need to break down your fears and categorise them as rational and irrational. Factors such as technical glitches and class instructors not turning up are rational, get a back-up and contingency in place as these things can and will go wrong but they aren't insurmountable. What about the things you can't control like whether other people will like your idea or enjoy themselves? When you stop worrying so much about what other people think and start thinking "who cares?" that's when you'll start making waves. There's never going to be a perfect time and the planets are not going to align. Instead, make a plan, take a deep breath and jump.

Team Fitfluence x