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Friday Feeling

We’ve got that Friday feeling!

This week has been a busy one over at Fitfluence HQ with the announcement of an engagement, the launch of a new fitness concept business (not ours but still very exciting) and the best news of all .. the return of our protégé from Hong Kong for a week this summer!!

Even though all of the Fitfluence team love their jobs we can’t help but get excited about the weekend. It’s the time when we get to kick back, relax, have the odd glass of wine (yes we love fitness but we know how to relax too) and spend some time with our nearest and dearest.

A message we are really keen to promote is that if you’ve been dreaming of this coming weekend since 9am last Monday then something has got to change. Yes you should be looking forward to doing the things you love but not in a desperate or depressed way.

Do you want to know a secret?

Almost two years ago, just before Fitfluence was born, our founder Lucy used to cry on a Sunday night because of the thought of going to work on a Monday morning. She had a corporate job, the kind you're told to get at school, the kind you work your ass off at university for to find out that when you get there it's pretty soulless and soul destroying. But hey, when you've worked so hard to get there you're not going to give it all up right away. After the years of sacrifices and financial investment you've got to stick with it, right? Wrong. If you feel like crying on a Sunday night or your heart sinks on a Monday morning then something has got to change and do you know what, we're here to help.

We're here to show you that life is for living. No we aren't recommending that you instantly give-up the day job and retire at 30. As much as we'd love to hang out at a beach bar drinking daiquiris all day we don't have a secret trust fund to support us. However, we don't believe you should compromise your happiness just to make money. Keep your eyes on the blog and we'll be showing you how you can live a life you've always dreamed of, without giving up the day job.

Until then have a fantastic weekend

Team Fitfluence x