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Dream Big

It's often bandied about that if your dream doesn't scare you then it isn't big enough. We're not sure we quite believe that. We believe your dreams should be huge, possibly so huge that you don't even dare believe them yourself but feeling scared isn't really necessary.

When we set out to launch Fitfluence our motivation was to educate. We were sick of faddy fitness trends and we wanted to add some substance to people's understanding. Why was everyone now cooking with coconut oil? Was there actually any science behind it? (Well that was pretty obvious, because Joe Wicks had made fun short videos throwing Lucy Bee into a pan) But should we cook with it too? If so why? Were sweet potatoes more nutrient dense than regular potatoes and was cardio training really the enemy everyone made out? We set about hosting our Fluent in Fitness events bringing you the leading health and fitness professionals to answer these questions and much more. We quickly saw that the people attending our events were thirsty for knowledge and passionate about living their lives to the full. Soon after Dreams Into Plans was born which saw motivational women from all walks of life share their stories as to how fitness has transformed their lives.

Our aim was always to motivate and inspire and we loved hearing from people who told us that our events had kick-started their own fitness journey or given them the courage and confidence to start putting plans in place to live their dreams. Never once did we dream that we would get nominated for an award so imagine our surprise when we recently found out that we had been nominated for Influencer of the Year 2017 by Women's Running magazine. Not a dream we ever would have even considered but such an incredible honour. Thanks guys! Which leaves us just to say, when you cast out your dreams don't listen to anyone else but instead just make sure you chase them down as hard as you can.

Team Fitfluence x